14 players completed Round 2 at The Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, Calif. The Genesis Invitational features a record $20 million purse and $3,600,000 winner’s prize #Golf Tiger #Woods #Hispanics Jon #Rahm

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Tiger Woods after playing 2nd round a Genesis:

Q. Tiger, you made a nice birdie on 10. I’m curious, what is 10 like now compared to
what it was when you first started coming here and do you still feel like it’s a great

TIGER WOODS: When I first came here, no one went for it. Balata and persimmon doesn’t
go very far, so no went for it. We all laid up to the far left or to the right. And the second shot
wasn’t as hard because we played a spinnier ball. Then over the years that right side has
gotten steeper from the sand and the slopes have gotten steeper, the shots have become
more challenging.

Then now with the length everyone hits it more, guys are going for it, which we never did. As
I said, I was telling Christiaan going down 3 that I came out here and I watched Corey Pavin
and Lanny play and Corey hit it in the bunker on 3 and Lanny hit pin high to the bunker.
What is that, 220 off the tee? But that was the era and it was bad conditions, but it’s just how
the game’s changed. Rory almost drove it into the greenside bunker there yesterday. So
even though technology’s changed, the golf course when it’s dry and fast is still difficult.

Q. The technology’s changed. Is the hole still designed the way that makes it fair?

TIGER WOODS: Well, they have moved the tees back a number of holes, right? So like for
instance No. 12, we used to hit 1-irons and 2-irons down there to kind of trap it down there.
Now we have to walk back half a par-4 to get back there. No. 8 again was a nice little 1-iron
or 2-iron down there, we all played to the left, that fairway didn’t exist.

So yes, they have made some changes, they added some length where they’re able to do it.
Then again if you get the right conditions here, if you get the golf course either soaking wet
or hard and fast like it is now, it’s a heck of a challenge.

Q. Tiger, especially on a day like today, how much do you feel like it’s the old days
for lack of a better term and how satisfying is it? Does it all just kick back in like here
it is, I sill have this?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, feel-wise, yes, I do. As I was saying earlier, I can hit golf balls, I can
do all that stuff, I can chip and putt back home and I can do all that stuff. But I haven’t
walked and played a lot, so that’s the challenge.

The ebb and flow of adrenaline, I haven’t had adrenaline in my system for a while, so getting
the numbers right, that’s taken a little bit of time. Joey and I have been in lockstep in making
those adjustments.


Q. And what about the one at 18 that gives you a little cushion heading into

JON RAHM: The only thing I was worried about was getting that ball to the hole. I’ve hit that
putt a million times, I’ve seen that putt hit a million times and we all leave it just a couple, a
couple rolls short, so I just wanted to get it there. Felt good obviously making it, it’s a huge
bonus, right? It’s a difficult hole, birdies are lacking every single year on that hole. To be able
to make one and extend the lead going into tomorrow, it’s a big bonus.

Q. Obviously you want to win every tournament you play in. Is there something about
this tournament and this golf course that you kind of want to check off before you’re

JON RAHM: Well, I can make an argument about any event that I play in about being able
to check something off, but the fact that Tiger is the host, the fact that he’s out here playing
and the history of this golf course as a venue is two reasons why I would love to be able to
win here. It’s a very select group of champions and you’ll join — you join a list of champions
that frankly Tiger and Jack have never joined, which probably never happens on any other
golf course but this one, right?

It would be an honor.

Q. What happened on 3? Did you know that that was going to be a TIO? Did you think
it might have been out of bounds? What was the thought process on that hole?

JON RAHM: I was 99.9 percent sure it was TIO, but take advantage of the rules and hit a provisional at least. If I hit it good I have a different visual in mind going through the round.
And that .9 percent is just in case. I don’t want to be walking back up to the tee and if I can,
just saving time as well.


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