The Genesis Invitational features 129 professionals vying for a record $20 million purse and $3,600,000 winner’s prize Pacific Palisades California Tiger Woods #Golf #Latinos Emiliano Grillo #Argentina

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Round 1 Tiger Woods Interview

Your expectations going into an event, you won’t play unless you think
you can win. Were they the same coming here this week?

TIGER WOODS: Absolutely, that’s the only reason why I tee it up. There will come a point
in time where I can’t do this anymore, but right now I feel like I still can, given the right golf
course. The way this golf course was — it is playing right now, you watch Rory and JT and
myself, we’re all hitting these little like cheater kind of flighted ones and rolling the ball out
there. I’d have a little harder time if I guess Rory or JT, when it was wet and they can bomb it
320, but this golf course is set up where you can kind of scoot it, get it around and I was able
to do that all day today.


Are you more aware of fans screaming your name than you used to be and do you
enjoy it more or do you kind of tune it out?

TIGER WOODS: It was a lot louder than I had — I haven’t played in a tournament in a long
time so I haven’t played any tournaments. I was trying to calm my — I didn’t really look up as
much. I probably should have, but I didn’t. I was trying to calm myself down all day, trying to
figure out what the hell I’m doing out here because I haven’t played. I had to try and figure
out what the chess match is going to be. Misses, angles, wind, these are all things that have
come second nature to a lot of these guys. I haven’t really done this in a while.

So yeah, I was so focused on what I was trying to do, talking to Joey, trying to figure it all
out. No, I probably should have appreciated the fans more than I did, but there was so much
going on in my head trying to get the ball in the correct spots and the correct feels just
because I haven’t done this in a while


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