#Clippers coach TYRONN LUE after win 134-124 Warriors. “Yeah, I thought they did a great job Especially that second unit just pushing the pace on misses and makes #Latinos

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After a great winClippers 134 vs Warriors 124 Cripto arena in Los Angeles

coach and players comments:

CLIPPERS HEAD COACH TYRONN LUE Re Kawhi Leonard career-high seven three-pointers “Yeah, I mean, I think he takes what the defense gives him. Never sped up, goes at his own pace, gets to his spots, and when the other team’s double team he’s gonna make the right pass and the right play. If you give him a three-point shot, he’s gonna knock it down or he can get to his midrange. So, I think just getting to his spots and taking what the defense gives him and just reading the game, he does a great job with that.”

CLIPPERS GUARD BONES HYLAND RE: How it was being on the court “It was good it was fun. Just being out there, creating for myself, creating for my teammates. It felt good to be out there.”

CLIPPERS GUARD BONES HYLAND RE: The team vibe meeting expectations “Yeah, yeah man. The vibe is everything here. It’s unmatched. Guys just happy for each other, just going out there, and just putting everything on the floor.”

CLIPPERS FORWARD KAWHI LEONARD Re: Impressions of new players “I thought they did a good job of being themselves, being aggressive, that’s why when you get new guys coming in, I thought their mind was in the game, kind of knew what we were running on both ends of the floor.”

CLIPPERS FORWARD KAWHI LEONARD Re: Career-high three-pointers I feel good. Like I said before, it didn’t matter what percentage I was on in the year, I was gonna keep shooting the basketball, and that’s what I did, kept shooting with confidence, percentages can’t save you, just because I’m shooting 40 (percent) doesn’t mean I’ll shoot 40 (percent) the next game. Just got to keep playing the game and shoot the shots that you practice. the rotation because we can get hot really quickly, but also have them be able to play freely a little bit more.


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