The 2022 MLS Cup Champion Los Angeles Football Club #LAFC and #BMO hosted amazing ceremony for the newly renamed BMO Stadium #Concacaf #FIFA #Latinos #LA #Soccer

LatinoSports Network


by Hector Ortega

LAFC owners including Magic Johnson and Mia Hamm-Garciaparra, BMO executives, City officials and Angel City Football Club (ACFC) owners all participated in the ceremony.

LAFC Owner Earvin “Magic” Johnson

LAFC & ACFC Owner Mia Hamm-Garciaparra

LAFC Lead Managing Owner Bennett Rosenthal

LAFC Co-Managing Owner Larry Berg

LAFC Co-President & CBO Larry Freedman

BMO CEO Darryl White

BMO Chief Strategy & Operations Officer Cameron Fowler

BMO Head of Retail Banking Ernie Johannson

ACFC Co-Founder & President Julie Uhrman

content coverage for Latino Bilingual audience’s courtesy LAFC.

LAFC is dedicated to building a world-class soccer club that represents the diversity of Los Angeles and is committed to delivering an unrivaled experience for fans. LAFC’s ownership group is comprised of local leaders and innovators of industry with intellectual capital, financial prowess, operations expertise and success in the fields of entertainment, sports, technology and media


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