November 16, 2018

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is announcing the repopulation of the following areas impacted by the #WoolseyFire.

The following areas inside of the unincorporated area of Agoura will be opened to RESIDENTS ONLY effective 2:00 p.m. on Friday:

This will include the following areas commonly as the Triunfo Canyon/Hidden Highland/Lobo Canyon areas, this will include:

  • Kanan Road (east)
  • Sherwood Drive (west)
  • City of Agoura Hills limit (north)
  • Hidden Highland (south)

EXCEPTIONS: Access to area via Kanan Road remains closed. Residents must access the neighborhood through the west entrance located at Sherwood Drive, east of Kings Place. LASD will be maintaining a checkpoint for residents entering this area and will be requiring identification.

The link below can be used to assist the public in determining if their property is in an area that has been repopulated:

Simply visit the link and enter an address for the #WoolseyFire area in the search field and press enter. You can then scroll out on the map to determine if the indicated area has a red or green background. Red indicates the area is still closed and unsafe to return. Green indicates the area is open for repopulation. In addition to the map, the above written descriptions of the areas to be opened has been provided.

The Fire Incident Command continues to monitor the active fire areas, as well as those areas remaining closed due to critical infrastructure concerns or safety hazards. Any future information pertaining to safety conditions and repopulation will be updated at the following link:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have a strong presence in the repopulated and evacuated areas for the next several days to ensure the protection of our residents and their property. All other road closures and evacuated areas for the #WoolseyFire remain in effect.


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