Providing Effective Treatment to the Mentally Ill

On Monday, I toured Skid Row with Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times, NAMI Los Angeles County Council Executive Director Brittney Weissman, and Medical Director of Homeless Health Care Los Angeles Dr. Susan Partovi, to discuss the standard of care for those with mental illnesses. Our current mental health laws are a one-size-fits-all approach which makes it nearly impossible to address the needs of the growing statistic of the mentally ill among the homeless population and in our jails. Together, we must find an effective approach to this crisis that will help deliver lifesaving treatment and care for those desperately in need.

Exploring Solutions to Improve Public Safety

The County’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Public Safety met for the first time this week in an effort to explore and fully understand how we can improve recent criminal justice system reforms in a constructive, data-driven way. We need to deliver lasting solutions for everyone — our communities, law enforcement partners, and those reentering our communities seeking a hand up.


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