Kia’s global success in March, which saw the Korean brand register 278,275 units globally, a 10.9 per cent increase year-on-year #Kia #Auto


Leaders in electrification, Kia’s Eco models (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV) accounted for more than 42 per cent of sales in the month, marking an 18 per cent increase YoY.

More than 20 per cent (4,068 units) of Kia’s March total were hybrid vehicles, breaking yet another record for the highest number of Kia’s efficient hybrid models sold in a single month.

In addition, Q1 2023 was the best ever quarter for sales of Kia’s plug-in hybrid models, with 2,263 units sold. Kia currently offers PHEV versions of the Sportage, Niro, new XCeed and Sorento.In terms of model performance, spearheading Kia’s success was the Sportage family SUV, which finished the month as the fourth best-selling car in the UK, with 5,888 units sold and the fifth YTD with 9,559 units sold. Together with the Niro, Kia was the best-selling brand in the highly competitive Compact SUV segment, both in March and year-to-date.

Kia’s ever-popular Niro EV, which replaced the e-Niro last year, finished the month and quarter as the seventh most popular EV in the UK, with 1,483 units sold in March and 3,139 YTD.

The pioneering and fully electric EV6 saw its best ever sales quarter, with 1,933 units sold, and with 1,302 of those sold in March, ensured its position as the eighth best-seller in the UK top-selling EVs list.


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