International #music artists and tennis matches will be presented in #CDMX historical Plaza Mexico by Elite event Producer Gabriel Zambrano


Betting on a level and loyal competition in the entertainment field Gabriel Zambrano Moreno, a Mexican promoter and businessman who has had great successes in the area of ​​shows, bets this 2023 to be the creator of great events for different audiences, from the 80’s, 90’s and current shows, National and international, today it is consolidated in the scene with great possibilities of growth among the independent promoters of Mexico.

Wide-ranging events and festivals have formed its ranks and ever better shows with large productions will be part of this year. It should be noted that competing with the big concerts is not an easy thing, and a promoter with a long history and great reach at levels is difficult to maintain.

From unfair competition to the most unusual obstacles he has had to pass, however, despite all the obstacles from large companies and controlled venues, his concerts have been held and those for 2023 are scheduled.

He has opted for enable new venues since maintaining important negotiations at discretion and achieving success is not an easy task.

More than ten years ago when his inclusion of Goliath Festival in partnership with Pedro Moctezuma happened (this event featured artists such as Calle 13, Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Crystal Castles and many more), the Potosino Music Fest in San Luis Potosí with Molotov , Gusna Ciega and many more, as well as the Bicentennial Fair of Cuautla, Morelos, and dozens of events with artists such as Panteón Rococó, DLD, el Tri, Molotov, Carla Morrison, Enjambre, Matute, Moderatto, 90’s Rock Music in the Mexico Fronton.

En Live, the company that he currently leads, is a company that organizes projects throughout the country, Rock fusion festivals, ska, on several occasions, as well as Cristian Castro, OV7, International Tennis, BBX Experience and international events that will be presented this year.

It has been more than ten years since En Live has positioned itself in the Mexican entertainment market.

Gabriel Zambrano today is one of the entertainment promoters who lead the great shows in our country, and will soon be present in international mergers that will take En Live together with our talents very high.


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