“La Maraka” room in Mexico City more intimate closer to the fans with great potential to present International Artists General Director: Ernesto García Palacios #Latinos #Music #MexicoCity


Mexico City 1/12/2023

The dream that his grandfather built now has a continuity so that he continues giving music, joy and dance to thousands of people

This is how the thought of Ernesto García Palacios, owner and General Director of La Maraka, began, always known as “Palacio de la Salsa”, which has now become a Show Center that offers the ability to bring more artists of different genres and bring them within a few meters of your audience.

The pandemic, as a phenomenon that affected all social strata, threatened to close the doors of this venue permanently, but the commitment of its work team and the collaboration of artistic talent were pillars to get ahead great artists have presented here but the potential is great to become a show center as it keeps the public close to its artists.

photos and info courtesy LA MARAKA lamaraka.com.mx

upcoming shows

and past presentations


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