SEAT tunes in to music with the new Radio Primavera Sound

Friday, 7 December 2018 | Source : SEAT

Two International Brands

The carmaker partners in the creation of this new digital radio station, with programmes dealing with musical trends and emerging culture
Primavera Sound and SEAT share a youthful spirit and passion for talent and music
This is the third time for the brand as strategic partner of this reference international festival
Martorell, 07/12/2018. – Passion for music brings SEAT and Primavera Sound together again, for the third consecutive year. The carmaker will be a strategic partner of this internationally acclaimed festival, which in 2019 is holding its 19th edition. Moreover, SEAT caps a year of music with the launch of the innovative Radio Primavera Sound project.
The new digital radio and audiovisual platform is going to feature concerts and cultural spaces on demand and live streaming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,. The space will broadcast podcasts and live programmes through three channels, one exclusively devoted to music and two in Spanish and English, and will feature four programmes co-created with Primavera Sound.

“Created in Barcelona” will provide a voice to creative talent related with the city over and above music, including prominent individuals from the world of photography, street art or audio innovation in the music scene. Halfway between a sound studio and a music club located in Barcelona’s Born neighbourhood, Radio Primavera Sound will enable audiences to enjoy special programmes such as the SEAT Sound Sessions, which are innovative experiences with emerging artists and avant-garde projects under development with famed musicians. Listeners can tune in to the radio station via a mobile app, already available for IOS and soon for Android, or the website.

SEAT global Marketing director Susanne Franz explained that “Primavera Sound is certainly a global music reference and one of the most highly desired.” “This new initiative aims to create a space where what matters is offering qualitative content without labels, accessible to everyone at al limes. SEAT is committed to talent and creativity and this project encompasses both, strengthening our partnership with Primavera Sound in the most natural way”, she added.

In fact, Radio Primavera Sound is getting off the ground by announcing the festival’s 2019 line-up of music events, with headliners such as Rosalía, Stereolab, Interpol, James Blake, Tame Impala and J Balvin, among others. For the third year in a row, SEAT will support the festival with the aim of enhancing the experience of festivalgoers.

Furthermore, Primavera Sound co-director and Marketing director Alfonso Lanza pointed out that “believing in a project is pointless if there’s nobody else who feels as strongly about it. In this sense, SEAT’s involvement with Radio Primavera Sound is undeniable. This long-awaited project would not be possible without their support, so we can only thank them for their confidence in our making the radio programme we had envisioned and give it the international dimension it deserves.”

The next edition of Primavera Sound is scheduled for May 30th to June 1st, with three days of concerts that will again turn Barcelona into the independent music capital. This year, close to 220,000 people helped the festival break its previous record high turnout. Furthermore, this quintessential live music event is earning growing international acclaim, as more than half of the festivalgoers came from 126 countries.


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