Protecting the Affordable Care Act in California

Channel 1 Los Angeles
02 de Mayo de 2018

WHEN:       Friday, May 4, 2018 – 10 AM

WHERE:      Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (Main Entrance)

1000 West Carson Street, Torrance, CA 90509

WHO:         Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

Steve Tarzynski, California Physicians Alliance President

Anish Mahajan, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Chief Medical Officer

Barbara Ferrer, LA County Department of Public Health Director

Sonya Vasquez, Community Health Councils Chief Program Officer


As the California Legislature considers state healthcare reform in response to federal attacks on the Affordable Care Act, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas will announce a motion coauthored with Board Chair Sheila Kuehl advocating for the following:

  • the development of a “public insurance option” for all state residents;
  • a mandate for all California residents to purchase health insurance, and a mandate for all state employers with 50 or more employees to offer employee health coverage;
  • exploration of an “all-payer” payment system that would set prices for healthcare providers and plans in the state, with the aim of reducing administrative burdens; and
  • development of a California state “Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund” to support community disease prevention and wellness efforts that address the root causes of preventable conditions.

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