Carlos Manuel Sada Solana, Cónsul General de México en Los Ángeles inauguración de la “IV Semana de la Educación


Channel 1 Los Angeles

Latino Press Worldwide

Los Angeles CA.-Inauguración de la “IV Semana de la Educación”, la cual se desarrollará del 1 al 9 de noviembre de 2014 con la realización de diversos eventos gratuitos. La “IV Semana de la Educación” tiene el objetivo de acercar a la comunidad mexicana y latina a los servicios educativos que se ofrecen en Los Ángeles. Habrá información sobre admisiones y becas para universidades independientemente del estatus migratorio, programas de estudios, Plazas Comunitarias, GED, educación para adultos, becas para jóvenes DACA, CENEVAL, preparación para el examen de manejo (Ley AB60), carreras universitarias a distancia, educación temprana, cómo finalizar estudios de primaria y secundaria, entre otros.

Asistieron: Varias instituciones educativas como UCLA, Cal State, USC entre otros ademas de el panel:

Paula de Gortari, Directora de UNAM Los Ángeles; y María Elena Meraz, Directora Ejecutiva de Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE).


About Consul  of Mexico in Los Angeles

Carlos Manuel Sada Solana


Consul Sada has had an illustrious history of service in important government positions. Consul Generals, along with Ambassadors, are appointed by the President of Mexico, and ratified by the Senate. One administration after another has recognized Consul Sada’s remarkable talents and dedication to his country.

Following graduate study in economic development in England and Holland, he repaid his government scholarship by working first in the Ministry of Education in Mexico City and then in the Ministry of Education of the State of Oaxaca. Subsequently, at the request of then Governor Pedro Vásquez, he was asked to do educational planning for the state of Oaxaca. This was an extremely complex task because of the diverse needs and cultures of Oaxaca’s 18 ethnic groups. Later he was appointed Director General of Planning for the State of Oaxaca and Secretary of Economic Development. Beginning in 1982, Consul Sada and others conceived and developed the coastal resort of Huatulco, drawing upon expropriated communal lands. Natives of what had been an undeveloped area ultimately derived great benefits, such as housing, shops and jobs.

Having been accepted by Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Consul Sada requested a scholarship from Mexican President Salinas. Recognizing Sada’s talents, Salinas urged him to stay within the field of service instead and accept the position of Consul General of Toronto, a highly industrial city. He served in that post from 1990-1992 with the mission of bringing to the attention of Ontario’s Premier the virtues of NAFTA and Mexico’s incorporation into the agreement.

Drafted to run for Mayor of Oaxaca City, an election he won, Consul Sada returned to his beloved homeland from1992-1995. No sooner was his mandatory single term over than he was again invited to join the Foreign Service as Consul General of Mexico in San Antonio, Texas from 1995-2000. Clearly recognizing Consul Sada’s talents, President Zedillo requested that Sada be Consul General in Chicago, where he spent 2000-2007. When President Vicente Fox appointed Arturo Sarukhan (now Ambassador of Mexico to the U.S.) Consul General of New York, he in turn asked Consul Sada to join the Embassy of Mexico in Washington DC (2007-2011) as Minister for Commercial Affairs, with the responsibility of communicating with U.S. Congressman on a daily basis.

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