Corporate Tax Network & Newtek Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEWT) Launch Strategic Partnership

Leading national tax consulting and accounting firm and leading worldwide provider of small business tools and services join in their commitment to small business.

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 13, 2012 –
National firm Corporate Tax Network, specializing in providing efficient tax and accounting services to small businesses, has recently formed a strategic partnership with Newtek Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEWT), a leading direct distributor of a wide range of business services and financial products to the small- and medium-sized business.  These two companies have joined together in their commitment to provide affordable services to small businesses and to help small business owners foster their companies’ growth.

CEO of Newtek Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEWT), Barry Sloane, says “We are thrilled to be working with the Corporate Tax Network to help their clients address their business needs. Today, business owners are searching for reputable service providers to help them with finance, cloud computing, mobile applications (ecommerce) and health insurance. As a publicly traded, transparent company we serve as a great counter-part, particularly given that many of these needs will be intersecting with tax and financial reporting today and in the future.”

Preston Clark, the head of Business Development for CTN, shares in Sloane’s excitement over the new partnership;“Corporate Tax Network is excited to have partnered with Newtek Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEWT). Their strong track record in helping small businesses get off the ground is a great complement to the small business tax services that we provide.”

Newtek Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEWT),  has helped small- and medium-sized business owners realize their potential by providing them with the essential tools needed to manage and grow their businesses and to compete effectively in today’s marketplace. Newtek Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEWT), provides its services to over 100,000 business accounts and has positioned the Newtek Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEWT), brand as a one-stop-shop provider of such business services.

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