The Cuadra Boy’s building the next Generation of Latino Champs in #NHRA Nationwide

LatinoSports Network

4/2/2023 Pomona CA.

Access to content for Bilingual Latino audience courtesy of NHRA

Lucas Oil NHRA WinternationalsMar 30 – Apr 02, 2023In-N-Out Burger Pomona Dragstrip

The Cuadra team continues with strong dedication and calculated work; taking leadership at NHRA. This professional team in which each member of the family has the vision of winning with the quality of an excellent engine cars and a team of mechanics determined to compete at the best level.

Fernando Jr., advanced to the second round for the second straight event, getting a freebie after the class’ winningest driver, Greg Anderson, rolled the beams and drew a -.050 red-light foul.

The Cuadra team not only has an open track for the roar of its powerful engines, they also have millions of Latinos on their side who follow and support them at the National Level, it is a matter of a short time that this team has not only many sponsors supporting them like Corral boots as they will also begin to be more visible to future sponsors because they are not only great Hispanics of Guanajuato Mexico origin, but also an Elite team with a very clear vision of being the number 1 NHRA and Channel 1 Los Angeles will be carrying their successful advances for inform to the Bilingual Latino audience.

PRO STOCK Unofficial Standings

10 Cristian Cuadra 128 -107

13 Fernando Cuadra Jr. 113 -122

16 Fernando Cuadra 51 -184


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