Improving security in Mexico, the National Council of the Ballistics Industry signed an agreement with the National Public and Private #Security Observatory #USMCA #Mexico #US

9/13/2022 México City

In order to define common practices and carry out activities focused on improving security in Mexico, the National Council of the Ballistics Industry signed an agreement with the National Public and Private Security Observatory, in which they will work together to take advantage of their experience and generate information and specialized training in Security.

On behalf of the CNB, Ignacio Baca Torres, president of the Executive Commission, expressed that thanks to the sum of knowledge and joint effort, “based on this agreement we will be able to advise and dispel doubts, while providing training to the forces of the order, both public and private.

For his part, Artemio Acosta, founder president of the National Public and Private Security Observatory, expressed confidence that, based on this agreement, “we will work as a team for the benefit of the country’s security, and we will coordinate with the three orders of government, admitting the reality we live in and suggesting effective solutions”.

The issue of insecurity in the country, on which they will direct their efforts in a united manner, continues to be pending. In fact, according to a recent INEGI1 survey, it is known that, during the year 2020, 28.4 percent of households in Mexico had at least one person a victim of crime, in addition to just over 21 million people were also victims in 2020, which represents a rate of 23,520 affected per hundred thousand inhabitants.

As a complement, and to better understand the context of this agreement, it should be added that during 2020, 27.6 million crimes were committed in the country, associated with 21.2 million victims; that is to say: 1.3 crimes per person affected. Of the total, 22.5 percent corresponded to robbery or assault on the street or public transport; 19.3 percent to fraud; 16.9 percent to extortion; and 10.6 percent to vehicle theft, among others.

On the other hand, during the signing event of the agreement, Federal Congress women Rosalinda Domínguez, who represents the state of Oaxaca, was also present. She promised to participate in the activities promoted by both institutions and will disseminate what is necessary in the legislative space to which she belongs.

René Rivera Arózqueta, in charge of liaison with authorities and associations and president of the CNB’s Architectural Shielding Commission, also participated, who assured that, with this type of agreement, both institutions will continue to promote specific activities such as ballistics workshops, or encouraging members of his group to participate in joint activities, “in favor of society and seeking to increase security in the country.”

Raúl Alberto, founder president of Channel 1 Los Angeles, was present and witnessed signing; announced that this agreement will extend its benefits to the United States, since there are other institutions that can collaborate in it, The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) a great opportunity to build strong relationships such as the National Armored Car Association, The Illinois Manufacturer Association, and Premier Body Armor. We count on the support of Ambassador for Mexico Ken Salazar to make this approaches; to hold seminars on various topics related to security and armor in Nevada, Colorado, Illinois and California, because we want to contribute to society: “saving a life is priceless.”


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