Joaquin Niemann Latino 23 years old from #Chile wins Genesis Invitational 2022 -19, 71 and boost his world ranking!! Riviera Country Club CA. #thegenesisinv #Golf “All the #Latinos, it makes our life easier, more fun”

Latino Sports Network

2/20/22 Pacific Palisades CA.

Joaquin played as he belongs to Riviera long time ago, cool style humble charm makes him one of the favorites to this PGA Tournament to come, is not only from south far Country Chile with great culture and great Wines, from now one a 23 old Gentlemen is welcome in any mayor PGA Tournament to continue to grow fans and points.

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: The first two days I think it was a different tournament for me.
Obviously, I play my best golf on Thursday and Friday. Obviously, I knew that the weekend
was going to be hard, it was going to be a battle. I knew I had to be fighting myself a lot
during those two days.
Yeah, like it was amazing to see also because today it would have been his 100th birthday
for Charlie and he was the last winner winning wire to wire and being the same year he’s
turning 100 is some coincidence. I’m just happy to be the winner here at Riviera.

Q. Joaquin, you have not had much success here in your previous visits and now
you come so close to the tournament record. What changed for you with your
relationship with Riviera?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: I’ve been here a couple times. Obviously, I played the U.S. Amateur a
couple years ago. I remember last year I played great golf the first two days, then the
weekend I didn’t play good. I think it’s one of those courses that you do everything right; you
have to hit it good off the tee, you have to hit your irons pretty good, and you’ve got to putt
unbelievable, especially on these types of greens because they’re so fast.
Yeah, I think obviously the first two days are different than the weekend. I was more
surprised by myself or how good I handled myself, my attitude on the course during the
weekend. I know I didn’t play my best golf like I did the first two days, but I was impressed
the way I handled. And, yeah, looking back I think a couple tournaments ago that I didn’t
win, I think my attitude wasn’t the same as this here, so I think that is one big change that I
take a really positive.

All the Latinos, it makes our life easier, more fun,
more entertainment. Obviously, we play 30 weeks a year and out of those 30 weeks a year
you want to spend as much fun as you can. We stay together, we play practice rounds
together. We’re really unified all together and we have a great relationship.
Having them here on 18, it was something really special for me. Obviously, we got the
tournament, but knowing that they’re there for me, waiting for me to see me receiving the
trophy was something really special. I’m really thankful and happy because of the friends
that I have

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