The Mayor of #London Sadiq Khan has invited Londoners to have their say on his new draft Police and Crime Plan


11/16/2021 London

The consultation on the Mayor’s Plan launches today [Tuesday 16th November], as the number of police officers in the Metropolitan Police has risen to over 33,000 for the first time in 10 years[1], following record levels of City Hall investment and the partial reversal of Government cuts.

The draft Plan sets out the Mayor’s commitment to ensure London’s police service has the resources it needs to put more officers on the streets to suppress violence, including violence against women and girls, and to respond to the demands and pressures of policing a capital city. The Plan also outlines the action the Mayor is taking to continue to hold the Met to account, ensuring all Londoners have trust and confidence in their police force.

Figures show that violence was falling in London before the pandemic, and over the past year knife crime, youth violence and gun crime have come down further[2]. Despite a decline in overall homicides, the number of teenage homicides in London has increased this year. Continuing to drive down crime and prevent violence and the loss of young lives is at the heart of the Mayor’s priorities for this term.

The four key themes of the Plan are:

  • Reducing and preventing violence – preventing and reducing violence affecting young people; making London a city in which women and girls are safer and feel safer; reducing reoffending by the most violent and high-risk groups; preventing hate crime; and working together to prevent terrorism.
  • Increasing trust and confidence – increasing public trust in the Met and reducing gaps in confidence between different groups; ensuring that the Met engages with Londoners and treats them fairly; and ensuring that the Met, borough councils and all community safety partners respond to neighbourhood crimes such as burglary and anti-social behaviour.
  • Better supporting victims – improving the service and support that victims receive from the Met and the criminal justice service; working to ensure victims receive a better criminal justice response and outcome; and reducing the number of repeat victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.
  • Protecting people from being exploited or harmed – reducing the number of young people and adults who are exploited or harmed; keeping young people in the justice system supported and safe; and ensuring that Londoners are protected in public, in private and online

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