#US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke with Bruneian Foreign Minister II Erywan Yusof

Channel 1 Los Angeles

10/14/2021 Washington D.C.

The Secretary noted appreciation for Brunei’s role as the current ASEAN Chair and Foreign Minister II Erywan’s efforts as the ASEAN Special Envoy to Burma.  The Secretary and Foreign Minister II Erywan expressed concern over the violence and deteriorating crisis in Burma and emphasized the urgency for the Burmese military regime to cease the violence, release all those unjustly detained, and restore multiparty democracy and Burma’s democratic transition.  They also reaffirmed the need to hold the Burmese regime accountable to the ASEAN Five-Point Consensus and facilitate a meaningful visit by Foreign Minister II Erywan to Burma to include engagements with all stakeholders.  Finally, Secretary Blinken discussed the Australia-UK-U.S. (AUKUS) trilateral security partnership and its role to sustain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.


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