Marc Garneau Minister of Foreign Affairs Canada spoke with Claude Joseph Haiti’s interim prime minister steps to be taken to mitigate the increasing level of violence

Channel 1 Los Angeles


Minister Garneau conveyed his condolences and those of the Government of Canada to Jovenel Moïse’s family, the Haitian government, and to the Haitian people. He strongly condemned the heinous assassination of Mr. Moïse and called for an investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice and to fight impunity in Haiti.

Minister Garneau encouraged interim Prime Minister Joseph to engage in a dialogue with all parties to develop a credible plan for the Haitian government to hold elections by the end of the year, as democratic renewal is a stepping stone to lasting peace and stability for the Haitian people.

Minister Garneau also expressed Canada’s deep concerns over the current levels of insecurity in Haiti and urged for immediate steps to be taken to mitigate the increasing level of violence and ensure accountability for crimes committed. Minister Garneau highlighted the plight of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) affected by the recent violent clashes between gangs, noting that it is essential for Haiti to secure access to basic services and ensure the necessary humanitarian aid delivery, including support through Canadian projects. Unconditional and safe access to sites hosting IDPs in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince is also needed.  

Minister Garneau underscored that Canada stands with the Haitian people during this difficult and uncertain time and stands ready to respond to the needs of Haitians to move toward greater stability and greater opportunity for everyone.


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