Mara Lezama Mayor of #Cancún send video to calm protests against her and subordinates, in the face of Human Rights crisis #Hispanics #Latinos #World #Breaking #HumanRights #News

Channel 1 Los Angeles

11/10/2020 Cancun

The attitude of Mara Lezama Mayor of Cancun, who for a long time is dedicated to showing Videos of her works and activities is unacceptable, this time wanting to calm the crisis that occurred in Cancun, it is time that she realized human rights is something serious to violate; and take more responsibility for the situation as the citizens demand.

*Image video courtesy aguachile magazine Cancun

Derived from the act of abuse of authority perpetrated by the Quintana Roo Police in Benito Juárez, I have given the order that Inspector Eduardo Santamaría be removed from his position immediately.

We condemn all acts of violence. In my capacity as municipal president, I will never order any type of repression against the citizens. I have given precise instructions for the corresponding investigations to be carried out.

Gender violence and sex crimes

In light of recent social movements highlighting gender violence, the report has included a section dedicated to the topic. Almost half (45%) of women in Mexico report having been the victim of relationship violence. Femicide, or the murder of a woman because of her gender, has seen a 130% uptick since 2015. The authors note that statistics pertaining to violence against women are skewed by the impunity of abusers and a lack of funding for local attorneys general. President López Obrador himself has come under fire for his apparent dismissal of violence against women and his use of rhetoric which pundits have described as “tepid at best”. 

The report points out that women may be more empowered to report incidents of violence and sex crimes in the wake of recent protests seeking to hold abusers accountable. Furthermore, the report notes that increased scrutiny of gender violence by authorities may reflect a shift in law enforcement objectives to reflect current issues. This may help explain recent increases in sex crimes, including sexual harassment, abuse, and rape. Despite advances in prosecuting violence against women, the report’s authors note that 77% of women in Mexico feel unsafe as the overwhelming majority of crimes continue to go unreported or uninvestigated.


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