The battle for the White House continues #Elections2020 #news #US #Breaking News

Channel 1 Los Angeles


Stop counting! This is what Donald Trump energetically demanded a few minutes ago, insisting on his demands for the scrutiny to be paralyzed. Shortly afterwards he wrote that “Any vote cast after Election Day will not be counted!” Act after Twitter censored this message, how it has done with many others of its own

According to estimates, Donald Trump got just over 50% of the vote in Florida, leaving Joe Biden in second place. While it is true that in several states one or the other candidate is already considered the winner, it is best to wait until the end of the vote count in the rest of the country to meet the new US president. Returning to the presidential elections in Florida and how they were carried out on Tuesday, it is worth mentioning that of the more than 95 million US citizens who cast their vote by early voting, 8,974,308 of these resided in Florida.


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