sentiment and perceptions towards travelling in New Zealand, reveals that 71% looking to take a holiday in New Zealand within the next 12 months

Channel 1 Los Angeles

10/25/2020 New Zealand

We’re working hard to support New Zealand’s recovery, it’s promising to see that nearly three-quarters of New Zealanders are actively considering their next holiday,” says Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall. 

The research conducted by Kantar, also reveals that the top driver for Kiwis is to rest and relax.  

“It’s been a stressful year for many so it’s no surprise that the top driver for those considering a holiday is rest and relaxation. However, this is great insight for industry to use to market their offering.” 

Perceptions of a New Zealand holiday remain positive, with those who rate it as excellent or good at 62%.  

 “Now more than ever we appreciate what a fantastic place New Zealand is. As Kiwis start exploring more of New Zealand, their opinions of what’s on offer have improved.” 

New Zealanders are turning to short getaways like weekend and short stays rather than opting for longer stays, with an increased proportion wanting to use public and school holidays as an opportunity to enjoy a quick getaway. 

Kiwis are also showing strong support for the tourism sector but surprisingly only 39% consider themselves included in the tourism economy. 

“Right now, Kiwis are the tourism economy and their support is helping keep communities thriving and businesses alive.” 

“When you travel outside your region you are participating in tourism, it’s not just about visiting an attraction.  Attending an event, buying a coffee from the local café or booking a hotel, it all contributes to New Zealand’s visitor economy.” 


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