Uberman is the world’s most challenging ultra-triathlon. The 556-mile course begins on Catalina Island, south of Los Angeles #Sports #World goal of raising more than $50,000 to donate directly to efforts by three groups working human trafficking.

Channel 1 Los Angeles


HOPE61, the human trafficking prevention ministry of One Mission Society, is participating in a unique fundraising opportunity with Rob DeCou, a HOPE61 trainer and ultra-endurance athlete. DeCou, a resident of Port Angeles, Washington, will set off to complete the Uberman ultra-triathlon on Thursday, October 8, in Southern California, with a goal of raising more than $50,000 to donate directly to efforts by three groups working human trafficking.

“We are so excited to partner with Rob on this grueling journey. He is using his God-given perseverance and athletic gifts and abilities powerfully to raise awareness and much-needed funds to stop trafficking both locally and around the world,” said Tom Overton, Global Director, HOPE61.

HOPE61, headquartered at One Mission Society in Greenwood, Indiana, trains and equips churches worldwide to understand the issue of human trafficking, to identify what causes people to be vulnerable to human trafficking, and to discover the gifts, talents, abilities, and resources that God has given each church to reduce the vulnerability of those in their communities. At its core, HOPE61 is an evangelism and discipleship catalyst aimed at people who are vulnerable to becoming involved in human trafficking.

For more information, go to www.hope61.org. Follow Decou’s progress on the HOPE61 Facebook page

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