DEBATE 2020 TRUMP- BIDEN #US #Debate #Presidential #News #Elections2020

Channel 1 Los Angeles


Tonite President Donald J. Trump will held first Presidential Debate vs VP Joe Biden

in Open TV Network in the USA.

Six questions in six segments, 15 minutes each. The segments are:

  • Trump and Biden’s records
  • Supreme Court
  • Coronavirus pandemic
  • Race protests and violence in cities
  • Election integrity
  • Economy

Mr Trump and Mr Biden will get two minutes apiece to respond to the question initially before the back-and-forth begins.

  • 29 September in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 15 October in Miami, Florida
  • 22 October in Nashville, Tennessee

Vice-President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris will also go head-to-head:

  • 7 October in Salt Lake City, Utah

They all take place from 21:00-22:30ET (02:00-03:30BST), with no commercial interruptions.

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