#CABI volunteers, make every effort to support women receive free beautiful #clothing: Carolyn Russell Executive Director #US #PowertoGive

Channel 1 Los Angeles


Carolyn Russell MSW MA
Executive Director Send a inspired letter to CABI volunteers:

On behalf of A Safe Place, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation to the CABI volunteers for this fabulous event on September 8, 2020.  Our organization was chosen for your annual event and women were overjoyed with the gifts of clothing.  The women expressed excitement when told they would actually receive free beautiful clothing offered by CABI.  Many of our clients and those chosen also work and would not have had an opportunity to purchase these items. 

We provide clothing and make every effort to support women with their need for work clothing upon request.  

A Safe Place has been providing shelter and support services to victims and survivors of intimate partner domestic violence and their children for over 40 years.  Throughout this time, we have striven to increase the general public’s awareness of the issues surrounding domestic violence through community education and outreach. 
As the only comprehensive domestic violence shelter program in Oakland, our services and programs have expanded to homelessness and reentry clients, who demonstrate a history of trauma and domestic violence.  We recognize the generational cycle of violence in our community.   

Your contribution of designer clothing to women was exceptional.  Our clients are primarily low income with limited access to resources.  Most clients are trying to meet basic needs.  You’re choosing ASP for your Annual Event acknowledges the need for our increased support, especially for women in transition to self-sufficiency, in the city of Oakland. We want to ensure victims and survivors receive the necessary support they need to build while, they build their self-esteem, and most of all empower them to reach their personal goals.  

We would like to especially extend our sincere appreciation to the volunteers for their time.  Your volunteers demonstrated sincerity and thoughtfulness, appreciated by all who came out for CABI day.

We celebrate CABI and will acknowledge this special day via our social media and other opportunities to share your support of victims and survivors.  


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