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Here’s what Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow had to say following the Los Angeles Chargers’ 16-13 win in Week 1.

Do you think the officials could or should have called off-setting penalties on your pass that would have scored the go-ahead touchdown near the end of the game instead of the offensive pass interference since A.J. Green appeared to be being held before the push-off?

“I don’t know. It was a bang-bang play. At the end of the day, I made too many mistakes to win the game and we just didn’t make enough plays to win the game. So, whether that call goes our way or not, a lot of calls are going to go in a lot of different ways throughout the game. I missed A.J. on a deep ball and John (Ross III) on a deep ball (in the end zone earlier) and then I threw the interception — that just can’t happen.”

Your teammates said your confidence in the huddle was as they expected; do you feel you were going to go down on that last drive and win the game as you expected in your mind the whole time?

“Yeah, we weren’t playing very well on offense, but we started to get a little rhythm there in the two-minute drill, and I felt like we were going to go down there and win the game. And if we didn’t win, (that) we were going to score some points and go into overtime. But things didn’t fall our way, like I said. We just made too many mistakes.”

There are certainly some plays you’d like to have back. How would you assess your individual performance today not having seen the film?

“‘D.’ I can’t miss that throw to A.J. (in the end zone). A high schooler can make that throw. And I can’t throw the ball right to Melvin Ingram when we’re in scoring range, so it was a tough way to lose.”

Did you see Ingram as you threw the interception?

“Yeah, I saw him. It was just a bad shovel (pass).”

Photo Courtesy LA Chargers

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