AstraZeneca vaccine has reached phase three clinical trials. So that’s joining another group of vaccines that are very close to the end and, hopefully, approval. In the United States, we’re doing things that nobody thought would have been even possible: #President Donald J. Trump #News #World Covid-19

Channel 1 Los Angeles

9/1/2020 Washington D.C.

THE PRESIDENT Donald Trump: Thank you very much. I’d like to begin by saying we’ve just closed out another month of stock market. We had the best stock market — Dow — in 36 years. That’s very impressive. So people are very happy with their 401(k)s and with the stocks that they have. And that’s a tremendous achievement: best in 36 years.

Let me begin with a brief update on the China virus. Over the last month, our new cases in the United States have declined by 38 percent. Last week, we announced a breakthrough in testing that will allow us to have over 150 million rapid, point-of-care tests. These tests return results in less than 15 minutes, and many will be deployed to nursing homes. We’re being focusing — we’re focusing very strongly on nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other locations that serve high-risk populations. So we’re going to have the 15-minute, and less, tests, and we will have 150 million rapid point-of-care tests. That’s something.

This evening, I am pleased to announce that AstraZeneca vaccine has reached phase three clinical trials. So that’s joining another group of vaccines that are very close to the end and, hopefully, approval. In the United States, we’re doing things that nobody thought would have been even possible. This is a process that would have taken, in some cases, years, and we did it in a matter of months.

Thanks to the efforts of Operation Warp Speed, we remain on track to deliver a vaccine very rapidly, in record time.

I also want to provide an update on left-wing political violence that we’re seeing in Democrat-run cities. Under my administration, federal law enforcement is working with state and local authorities all over the country to comb through hours of video, track down rioters, looters, and arsonists, and bring them to justice. We’ve just come up with a report that we’ve arrested a large number of people. It’s over 200. And you’ll be hearing about that, but they’ve been arrested in various cities throughout the United States. We’re doing it very low key, but we’re trying to help cities. They are, in all cases, Democrat-run, but we’re doing the best we can to help them without really much of a consent.

We’d like to have the consent, as an example, in Portland. We could solve that problem in approximately one hour, but the mayor refuses, perhaps for political reasons. I don’t know why it’s good for him to have a city that’s falling apart and that’s under siege now for 94 days. But, really, it’s been under siege for years, if you know Portland.

So, to the mayor, I say: Whenever you’re ready, let us know. We’ll solve your problem of violence. We’ll solve your problem of crime. We’ll arrest those criminals very rapidly, and you’ll be able to have some nice evenings in Portland.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice are announcing a joint operation center to investigate the violent, left-wing civil unrest. And again, in Portland alone, the federal government has already taken care of and arrested 100 rioters, just in that one city. The wave of violence and destruction that we’ve seen in recent weeks and months has occurred in cities exclusively controlled and dominated by the Biden — Joe Biden party. If you take a look, the top 10 in the country are Democrats; it’s Democrat-run cities, and it’s a shame, and it can be solved so easy. It can be solved very easily.

The violence is fueled by dangerous rhetoric from far-left politicians that demonize our nation and demonize our police. We have to allow our police to do what they’re very good at doing. We’ve taken that power away. They’re afraid to lose their pension, their job, their everything. They’re afraid to be destroyed.

You saw this when left-wing extremists attacked law-abiding citizens attending the Republic — the Republican National Convention at the White House, including Senator Rand Paul and his wonderful wife Kelly. What they went through, but other people went through it too. And that was done very systematically. That was done on purpose. They knew we were having the convention, and they wanted to do everything they could to disrupt it. And the good news is the public is very wise to it. They see what’s happening, and they’re wise to it, and I think they are probably acting accordingly.

Left-wing rioters are repeating the same false narrative about America that you hear about, the — really, you hear this from people — what they’re saying, how they’re saying it — the violence, it’s terrible. And again, it’s Democrat politicians. I don’t know that they’re spurring it on or they’re afraid to stop it. But in any event, we’re there to help. We’re there to get things under control.

What they did on Thursday night at the White House, just outside of the White House, to people that came from all over the world is a disgrace. It’s a disgrace. And, frankly, the mayor — Democrat mayor, Mayor Bowser — should have done a better job. She did a very poor job. But at the same time, we had the police, who were very brave. They helped Rand. I guess, it started off with two, and they took a beating, if you can believe this. They really took some heavy hits. One went down but got right up, and two others joined them, and they were able to get Rand and Kelly through.

But it was a terrible, terrible thing to witness. But other people went through similar — not to the extent, in terms of taping. We don’t have to the tapes as strong, but some people went through — from what I heard — as bad, or worse.

The violent rioters share Biden’s same talking points, and they share his same agenda for our nation. And even his strange speech today that he made in Pittsburgh, he didn’t mention the fact, and he didn’t mention the far left. He didn’t mention the far left, or, from what I saw, I don’t believe he mentioned the word “Antifa.” Antifa is a criminal organization, and he didn’t mention Antifa thugs, but mostly seemed to blame the police and law enforcement.

He went on point after point after point. He even talked about those on the right, but he didn’t talk about those on the left. And those on the left are the problem, and Antifa is the problem. The rioters and Joe Biden have a side: They’re both on the side of the radical left, and that is so obvious.

And until that neutralizes, you’re never going to have safe areas in those Democrat-run areas. For months, Joe Biden has given moral aid and comfort to the vandals repeating the monstrous lie that these were peaceful protests. They’re not peaceful protests. That’s anarchy. That’s — you look at the agitators, you look at the looters, you look at the rioters — that’s not a peaceful protest.

They keep using the term — it’s so nice — “peaceful protest.” And behind the reporter, the cities are burning. We could solve it very quickly if they ask us to come in, like we did in Minneapolis and like we just did in Wisconsin, where I’ll be going tomorrow. And at least the governor asked me if I could, we would — I said, “You got to get the National Guard.” And he finally agreed to even a small number, but they were able to take care of things, and that was about five days ago, six days ago. And ever since, it’s been very good.

Thirteen members of Biden’s campaign staff donated to bail and — rioters — they’re getting them out of jail. Looters — they got them out of jail. And his running mate, Kamala, urged their supporters to do the same thing. It’s outrageous that they’re now seeking to shift the blame for the mayhem.

And they really want to put it on the — on the backs of the police. I see it. The police are — there’s just a war on law enforcement in this country. And without law enforcement, we wouldn’t have a country. We have very talented people; they’re not allowed to do their job.

If you give the radical-left power, what you’re seeing in the Democrat-run cities will be brought to every city in this country. If they have that power, every city in this country could be potentially another Portland or another Chicago, where they’ve had such problems.

To defeat them, we must jail lawbreakers, and we must defeat their hateful ideology about this country, about America. We must teach our children that America is an exceptional, free, and just nation worth defending, preserving, and protecting. And that’s what we want to do.

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