We are no longer able to confidently meet the demands of the people. I will resign from the post of #Japan Prime Minister: Abe Shinzo #BREAKING #NEWS #WORLD

Channel 1 Los Angeles


Resignation Abe Shinzo Prime Minister of Japan

Thirteen years ago, my illness, ulcerative colitis, worsened, and I suddenly resigned from my post as Prime Minister in just one year. After that, fortunately, the new drug was effective, and I was in good physical condition. With the support of the people, I was given the responsibility of the Prime Minister again.

However, it was pointed out that there were signs of recurrence during the regular screening in June this year. Since then, I have been doing my best while working on drugs, but since the middle of last month my physical condition has changed and my physical strength has been exhausted. Then, in early August, recurrence of ulcerative colitis was confirmed.

For future treatment, we decided to administer new drugs in addition to the current drugs. Although it was confirmed at the re-examination earlier this week that the drug was effective, this drug requires some continuous prescription, and it cannot be predicted.

In politics, the most important thing is to get results. I have said that since the inauguration of the administration, and in the last 7 years and 8 months, I have been devoted to the whole body to bring out the results.

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