The skies of #Iraq with Al-Burhan Airways Based in Baghdad International Airport they offer: Commercial, Corporate and Private VIP helicopter #News

Channel 1 Iraq

8/14/2020 Baghdad

Al-Burhan Group’s performances and ability to take on large projects 

*Photos Courtesy Al-Burhan Group

Al-Burhan Group are proud to announce the start of its new entity Al-Burhan Airways. The company had been formed with the soul purpose of operating scheduled flights from Iraq with a operating base of Baghdad International Airport. The company was first registered as an airline in 2008 with a long term few of starting operations once a more stable environment existed. Al-Burhan Group believe now is the time to start a professional and reliable Iraqi aviation company to rival other Iraqi flag carriers. Once successful Al-Burhan Airways will be 3rd Iraqi National flag carrier operating, our intentions are to purchase the youngest mid haul operating fleet in Iraq and bring aviation expertise from around the world to manage and maintain operations to the highest standards.

We are now in process of applying for our AOC with the ICAA and are in the end stages of submitting our operating manuals and studies. We are working closely with the Government of Iraq to insure that all operating carriers in Iraq adhere to strict controls and operating processes including us. The first route we intend to start is London-Baghdad direct and are also working with the UK Government to insure the the best possible service available.

Our passenger base will be a combination of local Iraqis and business traffic catering for both with a economical option and a business class cabin on the aircraft.

Al-Burhan Group vision is for Iraq to become a stable and modernised country to rival the region in infrastructure and servicing. With the start of our airline in conjunction with other major countrywide project Al-Burhan Group is achieving we hope to be a building block in establishing Iraq as a global leader.

Al-Burhan Airways MANAGEMENT

Alaa Burhan

Alaa Burhan

Saad Al-Khafaj

Saad Al-Khafaji
Accountable & Commercial Manager

Abir Burhan

Abir Burhan
Member of the Board

Ahmad Rashed

Ahmad Rashed
International Sales Director

Al-Burhan Centre
Baghdad International Airport,
Al-Burhan Street, Baghdad,

 Iraqi business man Mr. Hardan Al-Handal who also accompanied the passengers to attend the grand opening.

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