The Cabinet #IRAQ held its weekly meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi- Ministry of Electricity to improve priority service for citizens #NEWS

Channel 1 Irak


The Cabinet discussed compensation and support mechanisms for the families of the martyrs who died during the protests and measures to look after those who were injured.

The Cabinet decide to:

  • Include the martyrs who fell during the protests in October last year and in July of this year, and those who were wounded, in the provisions of the Law of the Martyrs Foundation.
  • Direct the Ministry of Health to form medical teams of various specialisms to monitor the health status of the wounded and to provide them with the necessary treatment.
  • Refer those who were injured and cannot be treated inside Iraq to the relevant committee in the Ministry of Health to facilitate their treatment abroad.
  • Include a draft amendment to the Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs Law No. 39 of 2013, to include those who became physically incapable of working because of a disability caused by injuries  sustained during the events that accompanied the October 2019 protests.
Dhi Qar Province

At its meeting today, the Cabinet discussed the urgent need of Dhi Qar province, and agreed to allocate 50 billion dinars to Dhi Qar Governorate.

The Cabinet also authorised Iraq’s Civil Aviation Authority to sign a contract for the construction of Dhi Qar International Airport.


The Cabinet discussed the electricity service in Iraq, and received a briefing from the Minister of Electricity on plans to increase power generation and improve transmission.

The Cabinet approved a number of measures to support the work of the Ministry of Electricity to improve this priority service for citizens.

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