Professor Dolores J. Cahill, PhD Immunologist & Molecular Biologist Is there a pathway to reduce symptoms? #coronavirus #Ireland

Channel 1 Los Angeles


Info courtesy John McGuirk

John is the Editor of Gript. A writer, media commentator and activist with many years of experience, he is well known for having worked on several high profile referendum campaigns in Ireland

Dolores Cahill is a scientist. Youtube has removed her video on the basis that it is false and misleading. Which means, in essence, that Youtube is calling Dr. Cahill a liar. It’s not just “denying her a platform”, it’s saying to the world “this woman is misinforming you”.

If that’s the case, then we, and Dr. Cahill, have a right to know on what basis that implicit accusation is being made. Who made it? What are their qualifications?

What did she say, specifically, that was inaccurate?

She, and we, deserve answers. Because (and this is something the left used to agree with, before they found new allies in big corporations) no company should have this kind of power in a democracy.

Anyway, here’s the full interview, again. Whether she’s right, or wrong, Professor Cahill has been treated disgracefully here:

Professor Dolores J. Cahill, PhD.
Immunologist & Molecular Biologist.

Prof. Dr Dolores Cahill is a world-wide renowned expert in high-throughput proteomics technology development and automation, high content protein arrays and their biomedical applications, including in biomarker discovery and diagnostics.

Prof. Cahill pioneered this research area at the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics In Berlin and holds several international patents in this field with research, biomedicine and diagnostic applications.

o Over 20 years expertise in high-throughput protein & antibody array, automation, proteomics technology development & biomedical applications in biomarker discovery, diagnostics & personalised medicine.
o Since 2005 to present, Full Professor of Translational Science, School of Medicine, University College Dublin, Academic, Researcher, Lecturer, Module Coordinator in Pathology Teaching, School of Medicine & Conway Institute
o 15 years as Irish, EU & international expert & advisor including Seconded National Expert to European Commission
o Company Co-founder & Shareholder (1997-2019) of Protagen AG in Germany  Protagen Protein Services (2012-2019) contract services to healthcare sector & pharmaceutical industry
o Since 2016, co-founding shareholder and Advisory Board member of Prof. Stephen Pennington’s UCD School of Medicine/Conway Institute spin-out company, Atturos Ltd. working to improve Prostate Cancer diagnosis
o Prof. Cahill has a total of over 5940 Citations, H (Hirsh)-index of 35, i10-index of 48.
o Project management: Has successfully obtained and project managed as Principal Investigator eight EU Programme funding grants from FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020, Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Health Research Board funding in companies and universities.

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