The Mayor of #London Sadiq Khan, has today announced a further £1.5million emergency response fund to provide victims of domestic abuse

Channel 1 Los Angeles

London 5/4/2030

Since the Government’s lockdown measures were introduced on Monday 23 March there has been a 25 per cent increase in calls to the National Domestic Abuse helpline and, in the capital, domestic abuse-related incidents have increased by nine per cent compared to the same time last year[1]. Refuges and specialist services in London are struggling to meet the rise in demand, facing a shortage of bed spaces across the city.

The Mayor wrote to the Government at the start of the lockdown to highlight his concerns that incidents of domestic abuse could rise during the pandemic, calling for urgent action to ensure everything possible is done to prepare for an increase in cases and that additional support for victims and survivors is available, as stretched frontline services are placed under additional pressure.

From City Hall, the Mayor’s newly established £1.5m emergency response fund will provide urgent crisis support to survivors of violence against women and girls. This is on top of the £59 million the Mayor has invested in tackling violence against women and girls. The new fund has helped secure new urgently needed, safe accommodation across the city for victims of domestic abuse who are in danger and need to leave their homes – for example, those experiencing violence or controlling behaviour, forced marriage or being physically threatened by their child.

Accommodation, including houses, flats and hostels, for up to 82 victims of domestic abuse have already been found – safe spaces where victims and their children can self-isolate and get support including mental health, legal and social care help, as well as food and medical supplies starting from today (Monday 4 May) and throughout next week.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “During this pandemic, for those feeling unsafe or experiencing violence, home is not a safe place. It is vital that those who are scared and face the prospect of self-isolating with someone who is violent, threatening or controlling, have urgent access to safe and secure accommodation.

“Working closely with frontline services and charities and together with the generous support of Londoners who have worked with us to make these empty properties available, we have secured new accommodation to provide vital shelter for victims during this period.

“We have seen a rise in domestic abuse over the last few weeks of lockdown and an increase in calls to helplines across the country. My message to those who feel threatened or unsafe and are suffering silently in their own homes, is that the police are there for you. If you are in danger and you need to phone 999, you should do so, and if you need help you can also call the national domestic abuse helpline who will be there to speak to you.”

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