The people of South #Sudan have been “deliberately starved” in different parts of the country for ethnic political reasons and sexual violence against women and men as a weapon of war is ongoing #UN

Channel 1 Los Angeles

South Sudan 2/21/2020

The three-member commission,appointed by the UN Human Rights Council,also said South Sudan’s political elites are ‘oblivious’ to the suffering of civilians.

They warned of intercommunal conflict and terrible rights violations “in large swathes of territory”, as a new deadline approaches the formation of a unity Government after years of conflict.

Basis for a war crime

“The fact of destruction of crops or taking away the possibility of getting access to water through boreholes and so on, that can constitute the war crime of starvation, because your intention is to starve the civilian population….in this case by both sides, as we’ve documented,” said Professor Andrew Clapham, a member of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan.

In the Commission’s report, which will be presented to the Geneva-based Human Rights Council on 9 March, both the Government and armed groups are described as having pursued policies “responsible for the starvation of the population in Wau and Unity states”.

The tactic is part of a wider strategy “to deprive enemy communities of resources and thus force their capitulation”, along with a denial of humanitarian access and related displacement.


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