The $9.3 million #Genesis Invitational tournament co-leaders Adam Scott, Matt Kuchar, and Rory McIlroy T1; 10-under 203 #Golf The Riviera Country Club #LosAngeles

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By Michael Rojas Golf Editor

mike rojas

Russell Henley (T4; 9-under 204), Dustin Johnson (T6; 8-under 205), Max Homa (T8; 7-under 206)

adam scott_In

ADAM SCOTT: Overall, it was really good. It was a bit of a slow start and then kind of really put it all together from seven onwards. I was very happy with how that was. If I can replicate that for 18 holes tomorrow, I’ll be very pleased no matter what happens, but I’ll definitely be giving myself a chance at it.And fun to make that putt on the last to get in the last group tomorrow with Matt and Rory. It’s kind of right where I want to be, so it will be good to play with them and see where things go out there.
Q. Adam, jumping back to the one you won here in the one-hole playoff and it rained all week and finally on that Monday morning the sun came out, do you remember what happened and what was it like for the week and the playoff itself?
ADAM SCOTT: I remember spending the most amount of time ever in a locker room that week. It was at least two days of eight hours sitting in the locker room and just waiting around. Then Monday I think they were looking at trying to tee guys off for a round and at least have a third round, but maybe a group teed off and after a hole they just said–it was still raining a bit and they said the course is so unplayable. The only hole really was the 18th way up positive.I kind of–I guess it was good that it was called off.
And then you win and then you’re told it’s not a win, that was not so good. Even though I had the trophy, it’s not official. Maybe at the time it would have been better to try to plug it out for an official win, but it was still fun,fun to take a trophy home and kind of be a champion here.
Q. Adam, I remember it very well because you walked off the green and they handed you a phone and you went on live on the air with me immediately, in those days you could do that. The question is, how much does that day and/or a couple of your close finishes help you going into tomorrow here as much as you’ve enjoyed this course throughout the years?
ADAM SCOTT: I think all of that is just a bit of motivation for me to win tomorrow here and have an official victory at Riviera and the Genesis Open and I think that would be extremely satisfying for me.

tiger genesis_In
Q. Tiger, if we can just get you to assess your day for us, please.
TIGER WOODS: Well, that was a lot of shots. I hit the ball quite a few times, especially on the greens, and it was a long day.
Q. You’ve putted well obviously on poa before. What is it about here that —
TIGER WOODS: I don’t know, I didn’t putt well today at all. I didn’t have a feel for it, I didn’t see my lines, I couldn’t feel my pace and I was just off.
Q. Positives, so what positive can you take away from today?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I’m done. A new day tomorrow. That’s the way golf is, put it in the past and try to learn from what I did right and wrong. Obviously there wasn’t a whole lot I did right today, and figure it out for tomorrow.
Q. Tiger, after a day like today, are you glad you’re not playing golf next week?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I am.
Q. Tiger, if we can go into your thought process here, obviously there’s (inaudible) things to gain for next week for you. Was it physical, just getting ready for the Masters?
TIGER WOODS: Well, the idea is to peak around Augusta time, yes. I just felt I wasn’t going to be ready for next week, a little rundown and playing at altitude as well isn’t going to help that, so take the week off.
Q. When you’re struggling on the greens like that, is it hard to kind of not let that bleed into your ball-striking?
TIGER WOODS: No. I didn’t have a problem focusing or feeling my swings out there, but there are times when I’m sure any of us have struggled on the greens and you feel like you’re not rolling the ball in the hole, kind of jamming it in the hole. Uphill putts, I was just trying to wrap in there, take the lowest line and try to wrap them in there, blown by four, five, six feet. That was a constant theme this entire day.


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