Adam Scott Champion of The “Beautiful Riviera” 2020 #Genesis Invitational winning $1,674,000 from a $9.3 million purse collected 500 #FedExCup his 14th career PGA TOUR #Golf #LosAngeles

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By Michael Rojas Golf Editor

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Champion Adam Scott 11-under-par 273 PGA TOUR victory on Sunday at The Beautiful Riviera Country Club



Champion Adam Scott 11-under-par 273, runners-up Matt Kuchar, Scott Brown and Sung Kang 9-under 275, Bryson DeChambeau T5; 8-under 276 , Rory McIlroy T5; 8-under 276) and tournament host Tiger Woods.

With his 14th career PGA TOUR victory on Sunday at The Riviera Country Club, Scott ranks first in all-time earnings ($4,454,048.29) at The Genesis Invitational after winning $1,674,000 from a $9.3 million purse. Scott also collected 500 FedExCup points. He moves to 16th in the PGA TOUR’s 2019-20 FedExCup standings and a projected position of No. 6 in the Official World Golf Ranking.


ADAM SCOTT: It feels really good. I mean, that’s fun to poke fun at the thing in ’05, but it is 15 years ago, so I really moved on from that by now. It’s incredibly satisfying to win a tournament of this stature on a golf course of this stature. It was a wonderful week, it was incredibly enjoyable just being here with the weather like this, the course in perfect condition and a great field. Even better to come out on top and kind of have your game really tested today. It was not easy and that was most enjoyable to kind of see that my game is holding up to that.

Q. Adam, I think you were probably the last elite level player to make his first start of 2020 and probably not for the first time. Did you ever feel like this week you were trying to play catch up and/or did you feel like you almost had an advantage in that you were more well rested than everybody else?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, you know, I’m in this position a little bit because I always end up playing a few weeks in Australia and last year in particular it was very late. Our tournament finished December 22 and I just felt like the way the schedule is now with the majors month after month after month and then the FedExCup, I have to give myself a decent rest, because it’s very hard to take more than two weeks off at a time.If you take three weeks anywhere, you’re missing something important. And I kind of wanted to get back in the World Golf events and play them this year and use them as a good measuring stick for my other preparations, I guess. So I needed that break, yeah. I saw earlier in the week I was a hundred something on the FedExCup and it feels like you’ve got a mountain to climb, but with one good week now I’m sitting a lot more comfortably on that quest. I think you just have to believe–well, I believe I’m doing the right thing for me. I just kind of check what my gut says. I needed a break after–for me personally, the three weeks in Australia was very taxing. The Presidents Cup was incredible and then, you know, to kind of win the week after was brilliant and took a lot out of me, so I think I needed that break.


Q. Adam, back to that shot on 15 where you said you just kind of let it go and it’s a little bit different for you, do you attribute this to age or is it anything in particular that kind of gets you thinking that way? And then also, where this win ranks among your career wins.

ADAM SCOTT: I think it is age or experience or something, you know. As I chat about my feelings when I play with my coach, we often talk about just letting go a little bit. I mean, at times I feel like I’m too loose on some shots, but then there are other moments where I play a little too conservative all the time. It’s a fine balance playing down the stretch in contention and finding the right place. It was fairly clear to me at that moment, my first thought was bump it in, it’s safe but I’ll Probably make a double. Then I thought I really want to win this and maybe this shot can do it, and I hit a really great shot. It was quite fun.So yeah, I think it is a little bit of age and experience, and to be able to kind of process that, that’s apositive thing in the heat of it.As far as ranking this, it feels really good right now. I think anytime you’re coming off a drought of wins, I’ve always kind of judged myself and graded myself on winning tournaments and I’ve done that fairly consistently throughout my career, but it’s been nearly four years since I won on the PGA TOUR. This is an important step for whatever this next few years is in my career. So I think it is important, it can definitely be used for momentum.

THE TIGER WOODS Thank you to my wonderfuL staff and to each player and fan who helped support this year’s event  benefiting Tiger Woods Foundation.

Photo Credit: TGR Live / J.D. Cuban

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Q. Tiger, probably not the week you wanted personally, but overall from a tournament perspective, being elevated, it must be a pretty satisfying week for you.

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, from a tournament perspective, it couldn’t be any better. We’ve had perfect weather, people have come out and supported this event. Our elevation, being a part of the new invitational status, look at the players that come out and supported this event that have played this week, we couldn’t have asked for a more dream scenario. The golf course was fantastic. Everything couldn’t have been any better from that side.


Q. Just some comments on your round today?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I did not do much well today. Good news, I hit every ball forward, not backwards, a couple sideways. But overall, I’m done.

Q. How tough was it to stay mentally focused out there the last two days knowing that you couldn’t win but you just wanted to put on a show?

TIGER WOODS: Just keep grinding, just the same thing. I’ve been in this position many times unfortunately. Just keep fighting hole by hole, shot by shot and try to make some birdies, which I did not do. I made one eagle at one, but that was about it.Q. Were you any worse physically today than the other days or kind of the same all week, do you think?TIGER WOODS: No, a couple days ago was probably when I wasn’t feeling my best.

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