Nancy’s Ranch is “Tree Fresh Certified” by the #California #Christmas #Tree Association #SCV Local Ranch for Family Traditions! #Valencia #SantaClarita

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The tree has now become a popular American tradition and in SCV in the heart of Valencia Nancy’s Ranch is “Tree Fresh Certified” by the #California #Christmas Tree Association.

The history of the Christmas tree in the United States dates back to the time of George Washington and his defeat of the German Hessians in the year 1776. The Hessians were exuberant because they felt they held a winning hand in the war against George Washington and his troops. The war was during the Christmas season, which for the Germans was a time for food, songs, and decorated trees. In their busy efforts to celebrate the season, they paid little attention to their military duties. Therefore, the German Hessians became easy prey for Mr. Washington. His troops were able to sneak in and defeat the foe who was ill-prepared for the onslaught.

After the war in 1776, many Germans stayed in the United States, introduced the Christmas tree, and shared their traditions. The size of the tree was limited to 8 feet, and decorations consisted of dolls, as well as sugar items.

As the years went by, the United States realized the need for a Christmas tree market. The first supplier, by the name of Mark Carr from the Catskill Mountains in New York, took it upon himself to cut down fir and spruce trees that grew in abundance. He then transported them to New York City where he rented space for $1.00, and sold small trees for .05 to .10 cents and 8 to 10 feet trees for .25 cents. He continued the business until the year 1898.

In 1923, President Calvin Coolidge Mrs. Coolidge started the White House’s National Christmas tree-lighting tradition with a 48-foot Balsam Fir brought to Washington, D.C., from Vermont. The annual ceremony continues today, and the tree, a blue spruce grown in Virginia, is now planted on the north side of the Ellipse at the White House.

President Benjamin Harrison placed the first Christmas tree in the White House.jpg

In 1889, President Benjamin Harrison placed the first Christmas tree in the White House. It was displayed in the Yellow Oval Room on the second floor, which was used as a library and parlor for the First Family at that time, and festooned with toys for the president’s grandkids.

president roosevelt chrstmas.jpg

Because the White House didn’t have electricity until 1891, wax candles illuminated the tree. (Decades later, President Franklin D. Roosevelt probably put everyone on edge when he returned to this rather risky tradition, using candles on the East Hall’s tree.) In 1894, during Grover Cleveland’s presidency, the White House Christmas tree blazed with electric bulbs for the first time. They were colored a cheery—and patriotic—red, white and blue.

-_john-f-kennedy-.jpg     USA President John-F-Kennedy-


 President Ronald Reagan-Christmas-tree


Christmas Tree Lights

There are a few different claims as to who invented popularised the first strings of ‘electric’ Christmas Tree lights. In 1880, the famous inventor Thomas Edison put some of his new electric light bulbs around his office. And in 1882 Edward Johnson, who was a colleague of Edison, hand-strung 80 red, white and blue bulbs together and put them on his tree in his New York apartment (there were two additional strings of 28 lights mounted from the ceiling!


Nancy’s Ranch is the place to get the most beautiful, fresh Christmas Trees in Santa Clarita.  A large variety of trees for you to see! Fall in love with your perfect Christmas tree and bring it home early this year! A Christmas tree can bring so much joy.

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Great Christmas  Tree value for family

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