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Director/Producer Shayne Lightner premieres movie “Get Bitchy”at The Art Theatre in Long Beach! Starring Sara Spadacene, Iain Sandison, Retta Putignano, Darianne Galden and Raul Alberto as Detective Ramone #Hollywood #film #Cinema

Channel 1 Los Angeles Long Beach California 10/4/19 Director/Producer Shayne Lightner premieres movie “Get Bitchy” The cast/crew and audience watchContinue Reading


Channel 1 Los Angeles

Long Beach California 10/4/19

Director/Producer Shayne Lightner premieres movie “Get Bitchy”

The cast/crew and audience watch together the new movie Get Bitchy Thursday, October 3

The Art Theatre in Long Beach, independent cinema treasure in Long Beach California

20191003_192252Directed Writing  by Shayne Lightner with Actor Raul Alberto Detective Ramone

Get Bitchy is a female-“Big Lebowski” about a female cannabis-loving private eye (Amber DeCallier) who’s unwittingly used in the death of a woman and partners with the brother of the woman, a bitter former CIA officer (Dwayne Bailey), to uncover a conspiracy and bring down a larger-than-life, fallen dot-com queen (Cheryl Whitman) who’s trying to corner the real estate market in Belmont Shore/Long Beach and make her way back to the top.

The Film will soon be in distribution and Film Festivals.




Sara Spadacene                    Iain Sandison                        Retta Putignanosara    ian.jpg  retta

Darianne Galden                                Raúl Alberto

darianne      RAUL ALBERTO 391-B.jpg



Produced by Present Entertainment, LLC

Todd Durham co-producer
Kyle Eastman associate producer
Shayne Lightner producer
Retta Putignano producer
Bryce J. Ramos associate producer
Ethan Stricker associate producer
Rolando Zee co-producer



Amber Townsend Amber Townsend Stoner Judy
Channing Sargent Channing Sargent Dinner Party Susan
Keith Biondi Keith Biondi Quaker Man
Michelle Nagell Michelle Nagell Quaker Woman
Kalon Jackson Kalon Jackson Killer Beach Dude 1
Retta Putignano Retta Putignano Melissa Bailey
Curtiss Frisle Curtiss Frisle David Mane
Bob Telford Bob Telford Liquor Store Owner
RCB RCB Special Effects Matt
Connor Gould Connor Gould Drunk College Student
Sara Spadacene Sara Spadacene Amber DeCallier
Spencer Vaughn Kelly Spencer Vaughn Kelly Brad Spear
Austin Kulman Austin Kulman Tom Hyden / Zach Bumper
Brooke Hayley Martin Brooke Hayley Martin Drama Student
Dwayne Standridge Dwayne Standridge Union President Larry Teng
Sean Thomas Simmons Sean Thomas Simmons Dinner Party Patrick
Darianne Galden Darianne Galden Cheryl Whitman
Raúl Alberto Raúl Alberto Ramone
Bryce J. Ramos Bryce J. Ramos Johnson Murphy
Elliott Mayer Elliott Mayer Restaurant Owner
Iain Sandison Iain Sandison Dwayne Bailey
Rolando Zee Rolando Zee Council Member Wolff
Steven J. Warner Steven J. Warner Ferry Company Owner
Jalen Dixon Jalen Dixon College Son Justin
Ethan Stricker Ethan Stricker Man on Street
Josh Coppock Josh Coppock Killer Beach Dude 2
Sarah Rose House-Lightner Sarah Rose House-Lightner Memorial Attendee / Woman on Street
Jean Fiumara Jean Fiumara Marina Alvarado
Jo Ann Masterson Jo Ann Masterson Memorial Attendee
Gail Thomas Gail Thomas Quaker Greeter
Cleopatra Cleopatra Amorous Girl
Cynthia Waite Cynthia Waite Memorial Attendee
Damon Evans Damon Evans Omar Blanco
Wendy Christiansen Wendy Christiansen Memorial Attendee

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