Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility 2019 to Explore New Business Models to Bring Together Key Stakeholders in the Integrated Mobility Ecosystem in India

Tuesday, 20 August 2019 | Source : The NewsMarket

Cutting edge mobility solutions and new use cases will be shared and discussed at the premier event

Frost & Sullivan will host the Intelligent Mobility 2019 in India on 11th September in New Delhi. This unique forum aims to showcase the transformative shifts in the Indian automotive industry and will provide an excellent opportunity to network and be inspired to lead in the rapidly evolving mobility space in India.

With the mobility market evolution, customer attitudes toward vehicle ‘usership’ and ownership of personal modes of mobility are transforming dramatically. Connected vehicles are also creating exciting whitespace opportunities for multiple participants at multiple levels. In this new mobility space, “a uni-dimensional, one- size-fits-all” approach has become obsolete.

Talking about this transformational shift in India, Sarwant Singh, Managing Partner, Frost & Sullivan, said, “Policy makers and service providers in India need to increasingly collaborate owing to the evolving roadmap for intelligent mobility. Especially with the government’s emphasis on electrification driving collaborative development in the space of shared mobility, we are heading toward a dynamic phase of transformative mobility. Intelligent Mobility 2019 in India will highlight some key trends and unique business models in mobility that we need to establish, and gain perspective on how autonomous is possible in India.”

This summit will bring together key perspectives on emerging and evolving business models along with insights from mobility integrators, futurists, regulatory bodies and OEMs. The agenda includes keynotes and panel discussions providing actionable insights into the trends and innovations disrupting the mobility industry. These will be shared and discussed by leading executives from NITI Aayog, Government of India, Automotive Skill Development Council India – ASDC, Bosch India, Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG, Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd, Porsche Center Bengaluru, REVV, Ridecell, Uber India and South Asia, senior automotive journalists, and others.

The sessions are meant to stimulate ideas, provoke action and enable stakeholders to gain insights. Frost & Sullivan will evaluate the future of mobility in India, which will evolve toward a Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric framework.

To know more about the agenda or the leading thought leaders participating in the event – click here.

Talking about autonomous technologies triggering disruption in India, Kaushik Madhavan, Vice President, Mobility Practice, Frost & Sullivan, said, “The main objective of the Intelligent Mobility summit is to bring all key stakeholders in the automotive and non-automotive space together on a common platform to share and discuss innovative ideas and solutions to make mobility seamless. The 2019 event promises to be an engaging and interactive platform where we have participants from the entire mobility value chain and ecosystem including policymakers, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, start-ups, shared mobility players, and retail participants, discuss challenges, the way forward and new growth opportunities.”

Here is why Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility 2019 in India is a “Must Attend” event:

  • Gain perspective on ‘Personalization’ that has been made possible by connected technologies, as it is set to become the next big game-changer
  • Thought  Leadership  on  Vehicle  Subscription  and  Cars-as-a-Marketplace  –  Global  Perspective  and Potential in India
  • Learn how Monetization of car data has become a lucrative revenue stream, with several business models centered around this idea
  • Hear about the key trends and understand the evolution of Vehicle Lifecycle Management
  • Make your company future-ready as we evolve toward a Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric framework.

For a glimpse of our premier automotive event, please click here. To attend the event, register here.

Frost & Sullivan will also recognize India’s leading-edge companies demonstrating business innovation and corporate excellence in the mobility space at the 2019 Mobility Awards Banquet to be held in the evening on the same day.

The event is supported by our Growth Partners  Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG and  Ridecell. We also have our Media Partners –  Autocar ProfessionalAuto Components IndiaAuto FuturesAutomotive Products FinderAutoParts AsiaAuto Tech Review, Car IndiaCommercial VehicleETAuto.comMOTORINDIA,, and TrafficInfraTech.

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