The County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Honors Three Nationally-Recognized Internal Services Department Programs

August 5, 2019

Los Angeles – Three innovative programs implemented by the Los Angeles County Internal Services Department (ISD) and honored by the National Association of Counties (NACo) with Achievement Awards were recognized by the Board of Supervisors. The award acknowledges innovative and effective county government programs that strengthen services for residents. ISD Director Scott Minnix joined his program managers at the Board meeting to celebrate these achievements.

DATACENTER 1:  The Power of 1

This project relocated the information technology infrastructure and Los Angeles (LA) County’s data assets for ISD and the departments it serves from an aging and non-purpose-built facility in Downey, California to a purpose-built, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly “Tier III” facility capable of providing the necessary security, resiliency and sustainability to protect the IT infrastructure and data assets for all County departments today and into the future.  DC1 is now capable of giving departments’ instant access to compute resources, rich analytic tools for making data driven decisions, and hybrid cloud offerings with the ability to deploy them where and when they will be most effective, thus providing a better service to the public.

The ISD Vehicle App

The Los Angeles County (LA County) ISD Fleet provides vehicle maintenance and repair services for approximately 5,000 vehicles and equipment deployed throughout the 4,084 square miles of LA County and belongs to approximately 30 County departments.  Due to the geographical size of LA County, number of Fleet Customers (including 10,000 motor pool users), ISD identified the need for an application to allow users to readily access Fleet info and make important reservations.

County Wide Interoperable Radio System (CWIRS) Upgrade Program

The CWIRS Upgrade Program was designed to provide State-of-the-Art Disaster Response and Recovery (as well as Day to Day operational) communications abilities available for ALL Los Angeles County Departments to use.  The CWIRS platform provides critical communications links throughout the County of Los Angeles that allows all County agencies to communicate on one common platform providing critical interoperability to respond to any Emergency situation.  The new CWIRS platform was designed as a hardened and resilient system to ensure communications links are available when most needed.  CWIRS provides these services to over 7000 users in 35+ County agencies as well as outside partner agencies.

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