LOS ANGELES (Tue., July 5, 2019) –

The recent multiple earthquakes that have struck Ridgecrest, CA and have been felt in our County are critical reminders that earthquake readiness is important. The County of Los Angeles’ Office of Emergency Management urges the public to follow these earthquake tips:

  • If you experience shaking, “Drop” to the floor; take “Cover” under a piece of furniture or protect your head and neck with one arm/hand; and “Hold On” to the piece of furniture’s leg to keep it from shifting or uncovering you until the shaking completely stops.
  • If you are in a wheelchair or walker and are unable to take cover, “Lock” your wheels; “Cover” your head and neck area with a pillow or some type of object that will deflect the debris from falling on to you, and “Hold On.”
  • Never run out of buildings during an earthquake since most people are injured by falling debris as they try to exit buildings during the shaking.
  • Fires may be common after severe earthquakes due to ruptured gas lines. Locate your gas valve and turn off your gas only if you smell gas.
  • Have a “go-kit” by your bedside, in your vehicle and at work. Your kit should include the following items: extra battery or charger for your cell phone, flashlight, radio, extra prescription medicine(s), and an extra pair of glasses if you use them. Have a pair of sneakers by your beside.
  • To receive emergency notifications from authorities, register for Alert LA County at Cities, special districts, employers, schools and universities may have their own notification systems.  Make sure you research which other systems are available in your community and sign up so that you are informed when there is a local emergency.

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