Verdugo Hills Golf Course Project – Sharon Hales Developer buys the golf course and the community responds

Channel 1 Los Angeles

Sunland-Tujunga 2/13/19


Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council 2/13/19 Sharon Hales

The development would add an estimated 2,060 auto trips per day in and out of the project along La Tuna Canyon Road and Tujunga Canyon Boulevard, making it all the more difficult to travel the Tujunga Canyon Boulevard/Honolulu Avenue traffic corridor. Families living on Tujunga Canyon Boulevard already find it very difficult to navigate in and out of their driveways.

  • Project would require 500,000 cubic yards of soil to be graded and although the developer proposes to maintain 34 acres of the property as open space, the combination of cut slopes and fuel modification areas will result in permanent loss or degradation to much of that habitat.
  • It would result in the destruction of 97 mature native oak trees on the site.
  • Moreover, the recently approved Canyon Hills project, a high density residential development less than a mile away, would exacerbate traffic, along with the proposed townhouse project to be built on the convalescent hospital property.
  • Loss of important watershed, all the more critical in these times of needed water conservation. The proposed development would cover the entire 28 acre footprint of the golf course.
  • It would also severely impact local schools, city services, such as police and fire departments, and utilities.
  • We would lose the only par 3 course in the area and further reduce available developed recreational resources in the foothill communities.

The public can make comments on whether the City’s responses to your original comments are adequate and whether their revisions are correct. Please review your original comments and determine whether the City’s response was thorough, accurate, and fair. If they are not, please write the City once again and let them know why their response is not adequate.

Project Description The Proposed Project would have 229 single family detached units on a project site of approximately 58 acres. The homes would be two-stories in height, with four bedrooms and would have an average floor area of approximately 2,200 square feet. Each unit would have a two car garage; in addition the project would provide ¼ guest parking space per unit for a total of approximately 57 guest spaces. Approximately 25 acres of the 58-acre project site are currently developed with a golf course and supporting uses, all of which would be demolished. The proposed homes would be constructed on the portion of the site currently occupied by the golf course.


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