Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative

Channel1 Los Angeles

07 de febrero de 2019

In order to achieve peace and economic prosperity for all members of society, the United States promotes women’s global development and prosperity today with the signing of a National Security Presidential Memorandum by President Trump. The initiative will advance women’s economic empowerment through a whole-of-government approach to reach 50 million women globally by 2025. It will focus on efficiently and effectively directing our policy and programmatic efforts to support workforce development and women entrepreneurs, while breaking down barriers to create environments for women to participate fully in the economy.

The initiative will provide innovative educational programs, financial and technical assistance, capacity building, and mentorship to support women’s economic participation. The initiative will engage the private sector, public sector, and civil society to ensure that women have the opportunity to reach their full economic potential in the United States and around the world, thereby promoting prosperity and peace for all.

Advancing the rights of women and girls worldwide is integral to our national security and a priority for the United States. We are proud to help launch the new Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative today, and look forward to continuing our work across the United States government, with partner governments and the private sector, to build upon these efforts.


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