Deadline Extended for Virtual Reality Film Competition – ‘Through the Eyes of a Migrant’

Channel1 Los Angeles
05 de diciembre de 2018

Geneva – The Virtual Reality Film Competition: ‘Through the Eyes of a Migrant’ has extended its deadline for proposals to 18 December. As part of the ongoing Global Migration Film Festival, the Virtual Reality Film Competition will use new technologies to depict the challenges and promises of migration in films developed by 10 young participants based on the pitches submitted by IOM’s extended deadline.

Participants moving to the second round will receive a virtual reality kit they will then use to produce their own film; IOM is also planning a series of webinars to better prepare these young filmmakers.

All interested young film-makers (between the ages of 15 –30) must be both citizens and residents of developing countries (see the list of eligible countries here). They are invited to submit a one-minute video pitch as a weblink through the competition’s main page. This video pitch should outline the participant’s idea of migration or a storyline/concept that the filmmaker plans to use to develop her or his short video.

The Global Migration Film Festival is taking place in over 100 countries; it brings together people from all walks of life to enjoy dozens of movies chosen from nearly 750 submissions. These films will continue through to International Migrants Day, 18 December 2018.


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