Channel1 Los Angeles
10 de Julio de 2018

The United States and Cuba held the fourth Law Enforcement Dialogue in Washington, DC on Tuesday, July 10. During the dialogue, the United States and Cuba addressed topics of bilateral interest on national security matters, including fugitives and the return of Cuban nationals with final orders of removal. The delegations also discussed the health attacks against diplomatic personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, including two recent cases. The U.S. delegation reminded the Cubans of their responsibility to protect U.S. diplomats from harm.

During the Dialogue, the delegations reviewed recent progress in the law enforcement relationship, such as new bilateral cooperation that resulted in the conviction of a Cuban national who murdered an American citizen and who had fled persecution in the United States, as well as areas where there is more work to be done, such as trafficking in persons.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs John Creamer, Department of Justice Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz, and Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Threat Prevention and Security Policy Elizabeth Neumann led the U.S. delegation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director of Bilateral Affairs for the United States, Yuri A. Gala Lopez, and Ministry of Interior Colonel Nestor Borrero Calvo led the Cuban delegation.


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