Sudan: End Fighting, Open Humanitarian Access in Jebel Marra, Darfur

Channel 1 Los Angeles
27 de Abril de 2018

The United States is deeply concerned by the recent fighting in Darfur’s Jebel Marra region. There are credible reports that villages were targeted for attack during clashes between the Government of Sudan (GoS) forces and the Sudan Liberation Army-Abdul Wahid (SLA/AW), resulting in thousands of newly displaced civilians. We call on all sides – the GoS forces, SLA/AW, and armed tribal groups — to immediately halt their provocative actions and violent responses. In addition, the government should permit immediate and unhindered access by the United Nations – African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), UN Country Team elements, and national and international humanitarian agencies to the areas where violence is taking place, as well as to displaced populations.

The risk of violence in Jebel Marra highlights the importance of the GoS and the governments of the states of Darfur cooperating with UNAMID to establish its Jebel Marra Task Force. The United States implores all parties to redouble their commitment and take immediate steps towards a comprehensive peace process.

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