First meeting of multi-stakeholder Advisory Body on Responsible Business Conduct abroad

April 23, 2018 – Ottawa, Ontario, Global Affairs Canada

The Government of Canada is committed to initiating a new era of cooperation between government, industry and civil society on responsible business conduct (RBC) abroad, and ensuring that Canadians can have confidence in our world-class companies and trust that international trade and investment is working for all.

Today, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of International Trade, will hold the inaugural meeting as chair of Canada’s multi-stakeholder Advisory Body on Responsible Business Conduct. The Advisory Board comprises Honourary Chair John Ruggie and 14 members with broad expertise and views on human rights in business activities around the world.

Members of the Advisory Body will work together to identify areas where Canada could further advance its approach on RBC abroad in all sectors, ensuring respect for human rights, fostering economic growth and ensuring that Canadian companies and Canada are at the forefront of RBC.

The Advisory Body will also provide advice on emerging developments related to corporate accountability and responsibility, and help shape the operating procedures of the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprises.

The creation of the Advisory Body, announced on January 17, 2018, represents another element of Canada’s progressive trade agenda, which is about ensuring that all segments of society benefit from the opportunities that flow from trade and investment while respecting the values and rights that Canadians expect from Canadian businesses.


“The Advisory Body will help further the work that Canada does with companies, communities, civil society organizations and host countries to advance responsible business practices. It will also support Canada’s commitment to ensuring Canadians can trust that Canada is a global leader in responsible business, which is a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.”

– François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of International Trade


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