Release of John Worboys

5 January 2018

“The grotesque crimes of John Worboys shocked Londoners and destroyed many women’s lives.

“The confidence of many of his victims, and others, in the  justice system was already pretty low, given the bungled police investigation at the time and what was seen by many as too lenient a sentence for such a grim catalogue of crimes.

“But now this has been compounded by the Parole Board’s decision to release John Worboys and, to make matters worse, it appears some of his victims were not even informed of his release. Not only is this inconsiderate, unsympathetic and inhumane it constitutes a clear breach of the Victims’ code.

“Too often victims are at best treated as an afterthought, or ignored altogether and this seems to have happened again in this case. This must stop and the Government needs to urgently investigate why the  Victims’ code processes failed.

“Public confidence in our criminal justice system is crucial, and victims and the public still need answers from the police and the CPS about the flawed investigation and prosecution. The Parole Board must reconsider their decision to release this man. They also need to be open and transparent about why they reached their decision and explain these further failings.


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